Acoustic Sports Wall

The Dynamik Acoustic Sports Wall can ensure you meet current design requirements as set out by Building Regulations (within Building Bulletin 93) and current Sport England guidance with regard to sound absorption. It can be combined with matching solid wall boards in a range of colours that complement the sports floor to give you a complete solution for the internal finishes of the sports hall and create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing.

For more information on the latest regulations and the benefits of installing acoustic walling then please read our guidance page here.

Principle Benefits of Acoustic Sports Wall

Acoustic properties which create an environment that is more comfortable for the users of the hall by reducing the mid-frequency reverberation times. Research confirms that poor acoustic design has a detrimental effect upon pupil’s academic performance and teacher’s vocal health.
The aesthetics of the sports hall will be improved through the use of attractive solid and perforated panels installed in your choice of size.

Potential savings in both construction time and cost can be achieved since the panels are an integral part of the hall’s construction and combine acoustic qualities.

Features of Dynamik Acoustic Sports Wall

Assist in Meeting Building Regulation Requirements

Building Bulletin 93 sets out the acoustic requirements for various sports areas which should now be complied with. Sport England and the Department of Education – Education Funding Authority (EFA) expect full compliance.

Acoustic Absorption Coefficient

Panels are a Class C sound absorber which is above the Class D level typically specified.

Easy Installation

The system is quick and easy to install with hidden clips that provide a 7mm regular gap between adjoining boards.

Shock Absorbing and Indentation Resistant

Panels are constructed from hardwood ply, providing a high degree of shock absorption and indentation resistance, including that imposed by cricket and hockey balls.

Factory Finished

Panels are factory finished and include a surface that is resistant to scratching and are totally maintenance free.

Fire Rated

to European Class D as standard but can be rated to European Class C for a premium to satisfy the fire regulation requirements for a particular area.

Choice of Colours

panels are available in a choice of wood effect finishes or can be manufactured in a RAL colour of your choice.

Cost Benefit

Eliminates the need for block work or other wet finishes – provides for a fast and efficient installation.

Technical Specifications

The technical specification of the Dynamik Acoustic Sports Wall is described below. These can be combined with matching solid panels of similar dimensions.

Panel Sizes

2,432mm length by 608mm height and 16mm depth for fire rated panels.

Panel Weight

Fire rated non-perforated panels weigh 13.5 kg/m2 and fire rated perforated panels weigh 11.2 kg/m2.

Acoustic Panel Perforations

Precision cut 8mm perforations with a 16mm aligned spacing.


Each panel has pre-routed edges to allow for hidden fixings with a 7mm gap. A special bracket is supplied for this purpose. The panels are typically fitted to metal vertical beams at 406.50mm centres.

Acoustic Textile

A black acoustic textile is fitted in front of the vertical beams, this effectively hides the gap between the panels and makes the black metal brackets appear to be ‘invisible’.

Mineral Wool

To achieve the sound absorption a mineral wool may need to be installed between the vertical beams this will be recommended by an acoustician.

Finishes Available

The Acoustic & Sports Wall panels are available in any RAL colour or a range of wood effect finishes including:

White Oak

Sand Oak

Natural Oak

Mountain Oak

Wild Oak

French Smoked Oak

Basketball England
NBS Plus