Sports Flooring for Arenas

Arenas are very much large scale sports facilities and are sometimes provided in a University environment since they combine the use of the facility by Students and the general public.

It should also be noted that University terms are relatively short and therefore in the summer holidays in particular the facilities are often used for significant sporting events and more intensive training camps.

We have completed such installations at the National Basketball Performance Centre, Bath University, University of East London and Worcester, to name a few.

Typically such sports flooring installations include a number of different floor areas which need to meet exacting requirements.

They can often have a requirement to meet the needs of a particular sport or sporting governing body. We understand these requirements and bring this experience to you to assist you to choose the right sports floor system and sports finish to meet your particular requirements.

Although we do not supply and install all types of sports floor systems we can still talk to you about the pros and cons of various systems, including Haro,Junkers, Boen, Gransprung, Gerflor etc.

For example Bath University received funding from England Netball for the main sports hall since this was to be the base for UK Netball. In order to satisfy the requirements of Netball the sports floor construction was modified to provide a slightly “stiffer” than normal floor whilst still meeting the sporting requirements of the other Governing Bodies and Sport England. The floor chosen was our Helsinki 20 system.

We also helped in the design of a dedicated fencing salle and provided a construction that would incorporate the complex electronics required – our London sports floor system finished in a 2mm linoleum surface to match the thickness of the metal plates.

At UEL it was known that the floor in the main hall was going to be used by the American Basketball team as their training venue for the London Olympics, accordingly our Helsinki sports floor system was chosen since it is a FIBA level 1 floor system.

In the fitness area our London system was chosen finished in linoleum to give a durable surface to take the variety of sports equipment without causing damage to the floor surface.

Arenas typically also need to cater for audiences and there is therefore a requirement to cater for the provision of movable bleacher seating which impose high loads on the floor but at the same time the playing characteristics of the sports floor must not be compromised in any way . This is a very demanding requirement but one we can meet by being involved with a project early in its development and by the careful choice of an appropriate sports floor system.

We can achieve these requirements whilst still ensuring that the sports floor system meets the highest quality standards, not only Sport England but also the requirements of the British Standard BS EN 14904.

With the expertise we have at Dynamik we can guide you and assist you in choosing the right sports floors for your Arena facilities.

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