DYNAMIK Installs ASB GlassFloor at St George’s Weybridge

Recently our Commercial Director Craig Jack visited  St George’s Weybridge with a socially distanced group of potential clients to highlight the ASB GlassFloor by DYNAMIK.

It’s great to see schools such as St George’s College investing in British Sport and staying ahead of the game, their ambition is truly inspiring.

DYNAMIK Sport are soon to announce another two ASB GlassFloor by DYNAMIK projects, the first being a leading SEN School where the removal of confusing multi-game lines was a huge advantage as was the sports performance, system comfort, durability, longevity, mobility for wheelchair users, revenue generation when used for external events that require a venue to offer interactive users that true “WOW FACTOR” – a massive list of asks, easily achieved with this state of the art, high performance ASB GlassFloor by DYNAMIK Sport

The second project is a prestigious London inner-city housing development where tennis and multi-sport are to be the main priority. Being able to offer clients single game lines is something often only seen at sport specific international events or venues.

Revenue Generation Opportunities

The ASB GlassFloor is able to incorporate LED panels which can utilised in a variety of ways, including scoring, advertising, branding etc.