Sports Flooring

What to consider when choosing your sports floor

DYNAMIK offer a full range of indoor sports hall flooring options which meet the required National, European & International Sports Standards. We also offer specialist flooring solutions, from indoor sprung timber and synthetic systems, rubber gym flooring to Mondo indoor athletic track surfaces.

  • Single sport or multi-sport usage?
  • Community use or non-sporting usage?
  • Portable or retractable seating?
  • Specific sport requirement or preference?
  • Wheelchair use – Equality Act compliance?
  • Maintenance budget/Life cycle costs?
  • Indentation and scratch resistance?
  • Giant Carpet Tile protection?
  • Preference for timber or synthetic?
  • Will your floor comply with the ESFA specification?

Comfort and Player Protection
Comfort and player protection
Sporting and non-sporting use
High Durability
Low Maintenance

Sprung Area Elastic Synthetic Flooring

Sprung Area Elastic Timber Flooring

Point Elastic Flooring

LED Sprung Glass Floor

Portable Temporary Sport Courts