Sports Flooring

Comfort and player protection
Sporting and non-sporting use

What to consider when choosing your sports floor

DYNAMIK offer a full range of indoor sports hall flooring options which meet the required National, European & International Sports Standards.

We also offer specialist flooring solutions, from indoor sprung timber and synthetic systems, rubber gym flooring to Mondo indoor athletic track surfaces.

Here are some points you should consider when choosing your indoor playing surface:

  • Single sport or multi-sport usage?
  • Community use or non-sporting usage?
  • Portable or retractable seating?
  • Specific sport requirement or preference?
  • Wheelchair use – Equality Act compliance?
  • Maintenance budget/Life cycle costs?
  • Indentation and scratch resistance?
  • Giant Carpet Tile protection?
  • Preference for timber or synthetic?
  • Will your floor comply with the ESFA specification?

Sprung Area Elastic Synthetic Flooring

Sprung Area Elastic Timber Flooring

Point Elastic Flooring

LED Sprung Glass Floor

Portable Temporary Sport Courts