Sports Flooring Protection

It is rare that sports halls are used purely for sport, typically they accommodate a wide range of sporting and non-sporting activities including exams, concerts and social events. If your sports hall is being used for non-sporting activities then you should consider using a sports floor protection to maintain your surfaces playing characteristics and to prolong its life.

Without sports surface protection your floor could easily become scratched and damaged, not only causing the aesthetics of the floor to diminish but also its ongoing performance. For example, excessive footfall in non-sporting shoes during social events can quickly make the surface slippery, increasing the risk of injury to athletes, while tables and chairs during exam periods can damage the surface finish.

Our sports floor protection solution

carpet tile protection

DYNAMIK Giant Carpet Tiles

Our heavy duty giant carpet tiles have been specially designed to not only protect your sports floor but transform your hall into a luxury venue for a wide range of non-sporting occasions.

The combination of a high density wear layer and polymer backing offers exceptional protection and leaves no dirty bitumen scuff marks like commercial tiles. They also offer superior protection against indentation, such as that often occurring from stiletto heels, tables and chairs.


  • Designed specifically for Sports Floors
  • Superior Indentation Resistance
  • Scuff-free, high-grip backing (no bitumen)
  • Underfloor Heating Compatible
  • Easy to transport & store with DYNAMIK trolley
  • 200m² of Carpet Tiles per trolley
  • No adhesive or tape required
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Fast-Track delivery available
  • Ambient Noise Reduction
  • 500m² of Carpet Tiles installed by two people in less than an hour


When combined with our specialist trolley, installation is quick and easy. With 2 people 500m2 of carpet tiles can be laid in less than an hour and a half.

Colours Available

Our DYNAMIK Giant Carpet Tiles are available in a variety of colours. The colours shown below are more popular and generally have a shorter lead time of 5-7 days.

Oceanic Blue
Pebble Grey
Charcoal Grey

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