Sprint Track

Mondo running straights provide excellent uniform shock absorption and have a reputation for being the worlds’ best solution for indoor high-performance zones.

The Mondo running track is a prefabricated synthetic rubber surface, composed of two differently formulated vulcanised layers. The vulcanisation process guarantees a molecular bond between layers to ensure a continuous, durable and performance-based track.

The unique non-directional surface embossing, free of surface coatings and loose granules, provides a greater contact area than other track surfaces. As a result, slip-resistance and traction are enhanced to the point where spikes on athletes’ shoes are not required to penetrate the running surface. This boosts the athlete’s performance by cutting the time and energy required for spike penetration and retraction. At the same time compression spikes will cause the track surface to deflect and recover acting like a bowstring, launching the athlete away from the surface and lengthening their stride. On low-speed events the greater contact area also allows for localized pressure reduction and improved foot comfort.

Mondo athletic tracks have an enviable reputation for quality and performance. They are not only used within the world’s best arenas and for major international sporting events, but are seen within many top university or research centres.

Case Study

For their indoor sprint track, the new state-of-the-art Carnegie School of Sport, at Leeds Beckett, chose to install a Mondo 60m indoor running track. This track was selected as the best solution for superior performance and shock absorption.

Indoor Sprint Track at Carnegie School of Sport