Safety and performance are the most important considerations when choosing volleyball sports hall flooring.

Being an incredibly fast-paced and strategic sport, players rely on their volleyball flooring having high levels of slip resistance as they constantly move around the court. So, for indoor volleyball courts, sprung systems are the best option as they are long lasting and provide excellent comfort and support for players. With over 20 years’ experience of supporting British Sport, DYNAMIK offer the expertise required in choosing the correct sprung system and playing surface, to meet your individual requirements.

We offer a full range of sports flooring options to suit all levels of volleyball, from community use through to international level. All of our sports flooring complies with the latest regulations and standards, and are an ideal choice for leisure centres, multi-use community halls, school and university sports halls, or arenas.

Area elastic systems vs point elastic flooring for your volleyball court

For indoor volleyball courts, we recommend choosing an area elastic sprung sports floor system rather than a point elastic foam-backed product. We describe below the benefits of installing an Athen or Flexi-Beam Plus sprung area elastic sports floor system compared to a point elastic foam backed surface.

The Athen and Flexi-Beam Plus systems can both be finished with a solid sport vinyl, solid sport linoleum, sport polyurethane or sport rubber playing surface.

Flexi-Beam Plus
Flexi-Beam Plus System

The DYNAMIK ‘Flexi-Beam Plus’ sprung system can be packed and levelled to take out variations in the sub floor or slab, thus removing the need for a levelling screed. It is based on factory assembled flexi-beams which support a counter floor and load distribution panel which accommodate a range of solid playing surfaces. The structure of the system also allows underfloor heating and insulation to be incorporated between the beams. The range of solid synthetic playing surfaces include vinyl, linoleum, polyurethane (PU) and rubber.

Athen System

The DYNAMIK Athen sprung system is designed to be installed onto a level SR1 screed (+/- 3mm over 2m straight edge) and has a low construction height of 28mm. It is constructed using a twin, load distribution module installed on to a high density elastic layer to accommodate a range of solid synthetic playing surfaces. As every part of the system is equally supported by the elastic layer, consistent sports performance is guaranteed.

Point Elastic

Point elastic surfaces are designed to be installed onto a level SR1 screed (+/- 3mm over 2m straight edge). They are typically a factory produced vinyl or synthetic playing surface which combines an integral foam backing similar to a foam backed carpet. This foam backing achieves low levels of shock absorption compared to a sprung system, but despite this, feels soft, which can be ideal for facilities that do not require high sports performance such as pre-schools or facilities that intend not to use heavy equipment, tables and chairs or incorporate non-sporting activities such as exams or social events.

DYNAMIK can offer volleyball sports flooring solutions for all levels and budgets.