Solid Sports Wall Panels

The Solid Sports Wall Panels provide superior impact resistance from balls, equipment and hall users and can be fitted from floor to soffit.

The structural integrity of the panels enables them to be installed as an independent wall system which can be fixed directly to studwork to create an independent walling system eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming blockwork and wet trades. Alternatively, the Solid Sports Wall Panels can be replaced or combined with contrasting or matching Perforated (Acoustic) Sports Wall Panels to provide a continuous, flush wall finish.

Insulation can be placed behind the panels to achieve required thermal and acoustic values. Supplied with secret fixing clips and black acoustic fleece to hide studwork and disguise fixing clips. Pre-routed edges enhance the appearance of a fixture free installation.

Sports Walling Panels are available in a range of colour or wood-effect finishes.


  • Fire-rated to comply with Building Regulations, Sport England and ESFA requirements.
  • Superior impact resistance from balls, equipment and hall users.
  • Factory finished UV resistant surface.
  • Independent wall system fixed directly to vertical studwork.
  • Range of colours and wood effect finishes.
  • Easy installation.

Sound absorption

Range of Colours

Range of colours

Easy to install

High impact resistance