Comfort and good grip are important considerations when choosing your DYNAMIK Pickleball Indoor court

Pickleball players rely on their courts to provide high levels of slip resistance, ball bounce and surface interaction.

DYNAMIK pickleball systems and our acrylic playing surfaces are long lasting and provide excellent performance for players of all abilities. With over 25 years’ experience of supporting British Sport, DYNAMIK offer the expertise required in choosing the correct pickleball system and playing surface to meet a facilities individual requirements.

We offer a full range of playing surface options to suit all levels of pickleball, from beginner to club through to international tournament level. All DYNAMIK Pickleball surfaces comply with the latest regulations and indoor standards, and are an ideal choice for leisure centres, multi-use community halls, pickleball clubs, school or university sports halls or pickleball specific events.

DYNAMIK Pickleball Court Options

For indoor pickleball courts, we recommend choosing an acrylic or seamless polyurethane (PU) playing surface. All DYNAMIK Pickleball surfaces can have comfort levels enhanced by combining a DYNAMIK Pickle-Pad or a sprung-system installed beneath the playing surface.

This comfort enhancement meets the UK requirements for indoor multi-use playing surfaces which require high levels of shock absorption promoting player safety, protection and injury reduction, allowing your DYNAMIK Pickleball surface to be used for multi-sports such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, netball and 5-a-side.

Our sprung system can be finished with a range of Pickleball specific playing surfaces such as acrylic, polyurethane, or rubber surfaces.

DYNAMIK Portable Pickleball Court

Where a temporary indoor portable Pickleball court is required for club or international tournaments, DYNAMIK provide their interlocking acrylic tiles creating a pickleball court with ease of installation, high player comfort and grip.

DYNAMIK Portable Interlocking Acrylic Pickle-Pad Tile
DYNAMIK Acrylic & Pickle-Pad
DYNAMIK Sprung System & Polyurethane (PU)

Due to the variety of pickleball court options and individual indoor facility requirements, please contact our DYNAMIK technical support team directly to discuss your new build or refurbishment project in more detail.