ASB GlassFloor by DYNAMIK

Innovation and performance at its best has recently been installed within a UK sporting facility by DYNAMIK Sports Floors.

DYNAMIK are UK partners to World leaders in glass court design and manufacturing ASB, and have installed their state-of-the-art fully sprung “A4” Area Elastic sports floor which highlights 5 key sports individually, at the push of a button – how cool is that!

When all line markings are switched off, the space turns into the best clear and clutter free entertainment space that feels like a prestigious venue rather than an ex-sports hall, as uniquely within the sports flooring market, the ASB GlassFloor is clear of lines without any visible signs of the LED lights or surface markings. The ASB technology is hidden beneath the flexible glass surface and as such, is not affected by rolling loads and completely protected and out of sight.

The ASB GlassFloor is free of timber, plywood or any surface coating therefore is very stable and practically unaffected by temperature or humidity fluctuations and having a structure of glass and aluminium, moisture ingress does not affect the systems as it would with traditional sports flooring alternatives.

If access is required beneath the flexible glass panels to inspect UFH or the screed, they simply lift out, allowing full access and can be re-installed without the need to re-coat or re-install the LED markings – another major advantage compared to timber or plywood based systems.  

DYNAMIK have now installed the ASB GlassFloor into a variety of Nationwide facilities such as a University, SEN School hall, Independent School Arena, Colleges and private sporting and gym facilities.

The ASB GlassFloor by DYNAMIK is for all to enjoy and experience and truly is the sports floor of the future unless of course, you want to turn the LED line marking off and create an entertaining space that really is out of this world.