Safety and performance are the most important considerations when choosing squash or multi-purpose sports hall flooring.

For squash courts, sprung timber systems are the best option as they are long lasting and provide excellent comfort and support for players. With over 20 years’ experience of supporting British Sport, DYNAMIK offer the expertise required in choosing the correct sprung system and playing surface, to meet clients’ individual requirements. DYNAMIK offer a full range of sports flooring options to suit all levels of squash, from community use through to international level. All our sports flooring complies with the latest regulations and standards, and are an ideal choice for leisure centres, multi-use community halls, school and university sports halls, or arenas.

Benefits of Sprung Synthetic Over Sprung Timber Finishes for your Squash Court

Commonly in the past, the usual go-to surface within a sports hall was solid timber. With advances in technology and material science, the sports industry has seen a significant move towards premium engineered timber, or sprung systems finished in solid (non foam-backed) playing surfaces. DYNAMIK offer a full range of sports floor systems, including premium engineered sports timber, sport linoleum, sport vinyl and seamless polyurethane (PU). Therefore, we have no bias to any one particular playing surface. What we have seen, however, is an ever increasing trend towards solid synthetic surfaces, installed onto our Komfort Plus or Flexi-Beam Plus sprung systems, especially in light of the latest ESFA requirements.

Sports Performance and Synthetic Surfaces

There is absolutely no compromise in sports performance between a sprung sports floor finished in timber playing surface, or a synthetic playing surface such as solid Sports Linoleum. Sprung systems such as our Komfort Plus or Flexi-Beam Plus, when finished with a solid synthetic playing surface, still incorporate all the performance benefits of timber in their sub-construction. It is also interesting to note that the majority of European countries install synthetic surfaces such as solid linoleum or vinyl onto a sprung wooden undercarriage in most of their multi-use, community sports facilities. Find out more about timber vs synthetic surfaces.

If you watch top level sporting events including the Olympics you will find most sports are played on a sprung synthetic surface. DYNAMIK work very closely with NGBs and have installed both timber and synthetic surfaces within their sporting arenas.

DYNAMIK can offer sports flooring solutions for all levels and budgets.