Athen Sports Floor

Twin Module Sprung Sports Floor

The DYNAMIK Athen system is a low profile fully sprung area elastic sports floor benefitting from a hi-load, twin modular load distribution layer. It is designed to be installed on to a level SR1 screed (+/- 3mm over 3m) to accommodate a variety of solid synthetic playing surfaces including Sport Vinyl, Sport Linoleum, Sport Polyurethane and Sport Rubber. The construction of the Athen system consists of a twin load distribution mobule installed on to a high density elastic layer.

Consistent Sports Performance

High Sports performance is guaranteed as every part of the surface is equally supported by the high density elastic layer. The low construction height of the system makes it ideal for refurbishments.


  • Certified to EN 14904
  • Sport England compliant
  • ESFA compliant
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • ideal for overlaying existing sports floors
  • Ideal for refurbishments
  • Low construction height
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 25 year warranty

25 year warranty

Low maintenance costs

Exams & community use

Comfort and protection

Surface Finishes

Sports Floor Surface Finishes

The Athen system can be finished in a range of specialist solid synthetic surfaces which have been designed to provide optimum levels of shock absorption and slip resistance for sport, durability for use during non-sporting events and ideal for wheelchair use.

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Sports Linoleum - Sports Flooring Surface Finish
Sports Vinyl - Sports Flooring Surface Finish
Sports Rubber - Sports Flooring Surface Finish
Sports Polyurethane - Sports Flooring Surface Finish

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