Is your Sports Hall too noisy?

DYNAMIK are the UK’s leading sports flooring specialists but what you might not know is that in addition to flooring, they’ve created an excellent, cost-effective solution to complement a new or existing sports floor, the DYNAMIK Acoustic Sports Walling panels.

The new range of internal sports wall panels come pre-finished in a range of colours or wood effects, are easy to clean, decorative and are perfect for a sports and education environment as they can withstand ball impact and general heavy sports usage.

Most sports halls experience high sound levels therefore to reduce reverberation sound and to be able to communicate more effectively within these spaces teaching staff, coaches and players find that teaching and learning within activity spaces with acoustic walling help with engagement, aids hearing impaired participants and avoids the detrimental effects on vocal health.

To learn more about acoustic sports walling or for a free quote for your facility please contact DYNAMIK on 0117 301 5120 or find out more by visiting