New UK manufacturing for DYNAMIK wall panels

DYNAMIK’s acoustic wall panels are specially designed to absorb sound waves, reducing reverberations and minimising echo. Acoustic panels dramatically improve the auditory environment within a sports hall, enhancing the ability for players and staff to communicate more clearly, thus improving concentration, and the overall enjoyment for everyone involved.  DYNAMIK’S sports wall panels are manufactured within the UK, creating benefits in production times, delivery times and in-house installation costs through our in-house DYNAMIK joinery teams, creating a one-stop-shop sports flooring and walling solution.

DYNAMIK’s latest dual project was Cothill House which is globally recognised as one of the UK’s leading prep schools.  They recently constructed a brand-new sports centre and chose DYNAMIK for both their sports flooring and walling requirements. 

Our acoustic panels contribute to a more comfortable atmosphere by diminishing harsh sound reflections. In a space where intense physical activity is common, such as a sports hall, excessive reverberations can create a distracting and fatiguing environment. By absorbing sound energy, these panels help create a more balanced and pleasant auditory experience, allowing athletes to focus on their performance without unnecessary distractions and help create a more noise-friendly space for others. DYNAMIK applies a human-centred design consideration when developing and installing systems

In addition to the functional benefits, acoustic wall panels offer more aesthetic value and lower maintenance versus traditional painted blockwork or plasterboard, finishing the sports hall and making it a more welcoming space.  The panels are available in a variety of colours and wood effects with the option of a solid or perforated surface, depending on acoustic performance requirements. With their functional and aesthetic advantages, acoustic walling panels will prove to be a valuable investment for any sports facility aiming to elevate its performance and versatility with unlimited combinations to suit any budget and performance requirements. 

In conclusion, by combining DYNAMIK’s sports flooring and walling divisions plus now having a UK manufacturer provides savings in cost and time, therefore is seen as a successful one stop shop for sports and leisure facility refurbishments. The In-house Installation and Management team have already completed many successful projects, allowing DYNAMIK to not only be the Sports Flooring Specialist but the Acoustic Walling Specialists too. This allows us to provide a one-stop-shop when refurbishing or designing a new sports hall with a focus on system integration from project inception to completion.