Roll-Flex Rubber Flooring

The DYNAMIK Roll-Flex rubber flooring is a resilient floor covering perfectly suited when superior impact shock, vibration, and noise control is required in fitness, gym, sports and training facilities, as well as high-traffic or acoustically sensitive environments. It is designed and engineered to be easy to clean, and to maximize comfort, durability, functionality and visual appearance.

At 10mm thick, the Roll-Flex provides superior sound insulation and shock absorption and is therefore an ideal solution as a floor surface to cushion impacts from falling or dropping objects, to ease fatigue, to reduce joint and muscle stress.

Roll Size: 10m x 1.25m x 10mm


  • Tile free, permanent installation
  • Good grip with sure-footing
  • Attractive colour fleck surface
  • Smooth, easy-to clean surface
  • Quick roll-down installation
  • High indentation resistance

Sound and shock absorption

Easy to install

Colour fleck pattern

Recycled rubber

Roll-Flex Sports Flooring Gym Products



The DYNAMIK Roll-Flex is available in a range of 15% Fleck colours as standard.

Gym Flooring - Blue Fleck Surface Finish
Gym Flooring - Red Fleck Surface Finish
Gym Flooring - Light Grey Fleck Surface Finish
Light Grey
Gym Flooring - Dark Grey Fleck Surface Finish
Dark Grey


Made of high-quality durable rubber, The DYNAMIK Roll-Flex Rubber Flooring is long-lasting, and provides anti-slip protection. Theses long-lasting properties also make the Roll-flex an excellent choice for commercial gym areas. The Roll-flex is also effective at protecting the floor against damage and scratches that could be caused by equipment. The rubber material of the product also provides an excellent cushion for the user to support joints while exercising and prevent injury.


The 10mm thickness of the DYNAMIK Roll-Flex makes it an ideal solution for many kinds of gym and fitness environments, from yoga and aerobics to functional training and free weights areas. The Roll-flex is also an excellent choice for open functional areas where a non-tile look is required.


The DYNAMIK Roll-flex can be kept clean by a standard damp mop and vacuum cleaner.