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Sports Flooring on RIBA Product Selector
Sports Flooring on RIBA Product Selector
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Sports Flooring, Replacement, Installation & Accessories

Whether you are looking for an area elastic, point elastic or a combination floor we have the correct solution for every facility, all fully installed by one of our highly trained, professionally equipped teams and comes with up to a 25 year warranty. Alongside our sports floors we have developed a range of services from line marking to cleaning solutions to help you maintain and preserve your sports floor so that it provides many years of enjoyment.

Remember that there’s no substitute for personal contact. We want to talk with you and offer our expertise so we can guide you through the multitude of options and help ensure you have the correct floor for you facility.

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Sports Flooring Replacement

The risk of injuries increases significantly once a floor becomes excessively worn. We can help you decide whether to replace or refurbish your existing sports floor.

Choosing the Right Sports Floor

Our sports floor systems are designed to provide surfaces for a multitude of activies and sports. Let us help you decide the right sports surface for your needs.

Sports Flooring Installation

Our professional, fully qualified sports flooring installation teams benefit from years of experience. Dynamik Sports can also advise on accessories and line marking designs, making sure you get it right first time.

Sports Floor Line Marking

Sports floors must be line marked to strict dimensions and colours. Get it wrong and you could find your sports hall excluded from tournaments - and your reputation in tatters.

Sports Flooring Accessories

Attention to detail is what makes the difference between a decent job and a superb one. You want the best looking result, and you want to be sure that your new sports floor will perform alongside everything else in your sports hall.

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