3 Reasons to Install Acoustic Walling Within your Sports Hall

Indoor sports halls and gymnasiums being large open spaces are often built with hard, non-absorbent surfaces. Acoustics within sports halls are generally poor, therefore it is important that acoustic reduction is considered when designing or upgrading your sports hall. The best way to ensure this is by installing high-quality, durable, and sound-absorbent wall panels!

DYNAMIK sports wall panels are the perfect solution. Whilst being designed to reduce noise reverberations they are highly attractive, have been specifically certified for sports and have low maintenance costs as they are highly scratch and impact resistant.


The sensory environment of a sports hall can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for individuals sensitive to noise and visual stimuli. The DYNAMIK acoustic wall panels can help absorb sound, reduce echoes and create a calmer atmosphere. By minimising auditory distractions and enhancing visual appeal with our range of colours and wood effects the DYNAMIK wall panels can contribute to a less overstimulated environment beneficial for sporting and non-sporting events fostering inclusivity and comfort for all users.


With the popularity of indoor sporting activities on the rise, indoor sport halls are very busy, spaces that need to deal with the day-to-day rigours of multi-sport activity, and general wear and tear challenges.
DYNAMIK sports wall panels provide much needed protection against player and ball impact. They are also factory finished so do not require re-finishing over the life of the product proving to be a low maintenance option.


DYNAMIK’s sports wall panels are available in a range of colours and wood effects which provide a modern appearance, improving the design whilst achieving the required Light Reflectance Values (LRVs). Sports halls finished in DYNAMIK acoustic and solid wall panels create an environment suitable for both sporting and non-sporting events and help transform the space away from a sports-focused arena into a welcoming space for all.

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