Burnley’s DYNAMIK Bespoke Court Design

Burnley College receives DYNAMIK Bespoke Court Design.

This week DYNAMIK are proud to have created something truly unique for Burnley College, Lancashire, with our latest bespoke court design. For this project the college asked DYNAMIK to design a court that best represented them, and that showcased their ‘Fitness Evolution’ gym logo.

Burnley College 02 Burney college 01 Burnley college 03


DYNAMIK offer a bespoke design service that creates a real “home court” feel for clients. Our court by court approach provides users with a sports surface that has a unique link to their club or facility, which makes it stand out from the rest.

DYNAMIK offer a full range of bespoke court solutions, from a simple school logo or welcome message, to a multi-zone stained or painted court that highlights either surrounds or individual courts.

Bespoke Logos

floor logo chadwell heath logo


We also Offer Portable Court Options

Find out more about our DYNAMIK Portable Rollout Basketball & Netball Courts.

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