DYNAMIK were recently called to a Grammar School in Gloucestershire as their original @Tarkett Linoleum sports flooring had lost it’s slip resistance and looked very dirty and worn and at first glance, potentially in need of replacing.

DYNAMIK’s Aftercare & Maintenance Team confirmed that the floor surface was in fact still in excellent condition and did not require an expensive refit but that the floor would benefit from a professional chemical clean.

The team took one day to clean the floor and as the pictures confirm it looks brand new, not only has the life of the floor been extended it has been totally revitalised, the colour now looks bright and fresh and the slip resistance has been reinstated ready for the school’s summer term.

By our team of experts completing a chemical clean on this floor they’ve breathed a whole new lease of life into it, using the right cleaning product, DYNAMIK have provided a cost-effective solution and a ‘good as new’ floor surface for many more years to come.

All sports flooring requires careful cleaning with the correct chemicals therefore DYMAMIK’s Aftercare & Maintenance Team have a variety of solutions to match your specific needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact them today for their free, no obligation expert advice on 0117 456 5049 – we are here to help.