COB Rockets unveil stunning new DYNAMIK stained court at Nechells Centre

DYNAMIK are proud to have played a part in the refurbishment of the brand-new state of the art basketball court at the Nechells Wellbeing Centre in Birmingham, home to the City of Birmingham Rockets Basketball.

The refurbishment was celebrated with a successful weekend open day, in which the arena was used by over 200 players from the Rockets club, while live entertainment and speakers set the stage.

The basketball facility received an upgrade with new lighting, seating, scoreboards, and an incredible stained basketball court by DYNAMIK. The first of its kind in the UK, the new court will provide a brilliant environment for playing, coaching, and spectating thanks to support from 2K Foundations, Birmingham City Council, and others.

The Process

As the first of its kind in the UK, DYNAMIK worked tirelessly alongside 2K on the refurbishment of the new stained court.

Robert Palmer, CEO of the Birmingham Basketball Club (CoB), spoke of the partnership between his club, DYNAMIK and 2K:

“2K provided the investment to refurbish the facility which included the flooring. This is their first investment into the UK, and we are proud to have worked with them as they have been innovative and supportive”.

CoB wanted a professional, state-of-the-art basketball court that was unique, and that represented their team. For that reason, they chose a DYNAMIK bespoke stained court:

“Upon our first meeting with DYNAMIK to discuss floor requirements, the professionalism was felt across both Council and Basketball Club – we knew it was a trusted flooring company”

Dean Treasure, Assistant Manager of the Nechells Wellbeing Centre.

Working With DYNAMIK

Dean Treasure had a few words to say about his experiences of working with DYNAMIK:

“The level of professionalism throughout from first meet to completion has been nothing but first class. The attention to detail has stood out from the respected emails to staff arriving on time on the days to work.  The floor contractors also involved you on the day to what work they were to carry out and why.  No matter what time of day you needed to speak to someone from DYNAMIK a guaranteed response would soon follow to ease any concerns”.

Robert Palmer, also had a few words to say about the project:   

“The DYNAMIK team completed the work on the agreed timescale with efficiency and a professional approach. Our preferred dates for the work were met and the team were very flexible to our needs”.

The Results

“…The result of the staining is a stunning and unique court that we are very pleased with. The colours on offer were varied and we felt we had a good range to choose from – the logos were exactly what we wanted and give the court a professional and bespoke look”.

 – Robert Palmer.

A Successful Collaboration

Robert Palmer had some final words to say on the successful collaboration between 2K, DYNAMIK, CoB, Basketball England, and others:

“Our thanks go out to 2K Foundations, Birmingham City Council, Basketball England and all of our suppliers – Sportserve, Dynamik Flooring and Hussey Bleecher Seating – who have been involved with the refurbishment work that has taken place over the past months”.

The refurbished facility will undoubtedly inspire a generation and create a home venue for the Club, which is perfectly timed in line with the excellent work undertaken by the City of Birmingham ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2022.