Mondo Track by DYNAMIK

DYNAMIK in partnership with World Class track manufacturer Mondo SpA, have recently transformed London`s Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre by installing a new Mondo track surface.  The client wished to maintain the World Athletics (WA) Certification and top class feel and look which a Mondo track provides and is something Mondo tracks have become famous for within the World of Athletics however, they also wanted to consider the best environmental options available for the refurbishment process.

DYNAMIK took on board the environmental requirements and came up with the best solution, allowing the existing track surface to simply be overlaid, rather than creating landfill due to the old track having to be uplifted and disposed of. This not only supported the environmental requirements but also saved on time, energy and importantly, the cost implications associated with having to uplift an old rubber surface.  

If you have an existing indoor athletics track that needs refurbishing or re-line marking, please call DYNAMIK, the home of MONDO tracks in the UK on 0117 456 5049.