The NBS National BIM (Building Information Modelling) Library is a free to use online resource that allows architects and specifiers to search and download manufacturer’s products as BIM objects. The library is the largest of its kind in the UK and as it was authored and certified by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) & National Building Specification (NBS) BIM objects are guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

Below is our selection of BIM objects that are available to download in Revit & IFC format through the National BIM Library.

Solid Sports Wall Panel

Provides superior impact resistance from balls, equipment and hall users. Factory finished with low maintenance, UV resistant, durable surface in a range of colours and wood-effects. Fire-rated to comply with Building Regulations, Sport England & the Department of Education – Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) requirements. Combine with DYNAMIK Acoustic (Perforated) Sports Wall Panels.

Acoustic Sports Wall Panel

Acoustic (Perforated) Sports Wall panels can be easily incorporated above door height to provide an effective acoustic solution. Constructed of engineered timber both the Solid and Perforated (Acoustic) Sports Wall panels can be fitted from floor to soffit and are fire-rated to comply with Building Regulations, Sport England and the Department of Education – ESFA requirements.

DYNAMIK Flexi-Beam Plus Sports Floor

Flexi-Beam Plus Sports Floor

A Class A4 area elastic sprung sports floor system incorporating elastic beams which support a counter floor and load distribution panel to accommodate a range of solid synthetic finishes including Tarkett Sport Vinyl, Tarkett Sport Linoleum and Seamless Sport Polyurethane and Sport Rubber. Can be packed and levelled to take out variations in the sub floor.

DYNAMIK Komfort Plus Sports Floor

Komfort Plus Sports Floor

An ultra low profile sprung area elastic sports floor system designed to be installed on a level slab (+/- 3mm over 3m). Finished with a variety of solid synthetic finishes including Tarkett Sport Vinyl, Tarkett Sport Linoleum, Seamless Sport Polyurethane and Sport Rubber.

Flexi-Beam Elite Sports Floor

DYNAMIK Flexi-Beam Elite system is a cradle and beam sprung area elastic sports floor. It incorporates Flexi-Beams which support a 22mm engineered hardwood board. This area elastic sprung floor system can be packed and levelled off a structural slab.

Komfort Elite Pro Sports Floor

This low profile sprung area elastic sports floor system is designed to be installed onto a level slab (+/- 3mm over 3m) and incorporates a high performance engineered hardwood board. The Komfort Elite Pro system is ideally suited to sports arenas where high loadings and international sports performance is a requirement.

Threshold Strips

DYNAMIK Threshold Strips (or trims) are installed at entrances to the sports hall where the expansion and contraction of a surface can cause a gap between the sports floor and adjacent floors. They are made from high quality aluminium and include a flexible rubber joint.

Sports Skirting

Our hardwood sports skirting is designed to conceal the expansion gap around the perimeter of a sports floor. It allows for expansion and contraction of the floor and can include ventilation slots to allow air circulation into the floor void if required. The skirting is fixed in place using screws, the holes will not be filled to allow for the easy removal of the skirting should the floor perimeter require trimming.

Gym-Flex Tiles

DYNAMIK Gym-Flex Rubber TilesĀ are an interlocking premium fitness flooring system perfectly suited to fitness suites and gyms with specialist biometric, plyometric or weight training areas. It is designed and engineered to maximise comfort, durability functionality and visual appearance.

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