Non-timber, Wood Effect Sprung Court Floors Everyone

DYNAMIK recently installed their fully sprung sports floor into a leading Staffordshire school and were floored by the clean and gap free look. Everyone was knocked out by the timber-free sports surface that looks and feels great and has a superior play quality without the need for sanding, sealing, or re-lacquer coatings.  The solid sports vinyl really is a winning combination for the environment, the schools maintenance budgets and the users that love the gap free, hygienic and smooth playing surface.

The DYNAMIK fully sprung floor has been finished in a @tarkett non-foam backed solid Vinyl playing surface designed in wood effect Classic Oak. This solid vinyl playing surface is perfect for both sporting and non-sporting activities and can be used where portable bleacher seating systems, tables and chairs are in use without fear of indentation to foam backings or timber boards.

DYNAMIK have various timber and non-timber options for refurbishing your existing sporting or activity spaces and are on hand to help with aftercare and maintenance queries by calling our customer care line on 0117 456 5049 or by visiting