Multi-Flex Rubber Gym Tiles

Interlocking Premium Rubber Tiles

DYNAMIK’s Multi-Flex interlocking premium rubber tiles are perfectly suited to fitness suites and home gyms with weight training and CrossFit areas.

Tile-Size: 500mm x 500mm / 1000mm x 1000mm
Tile Thickness: 30mm
Tile Weight: 6.5kg (500mm x 500mm)    13kg (1000mm x 1000mm)


The Multi-Flex tiles have a smooth, ground rubber closed pore top surface rather than an open texture SBR rubber crumb, porous surface. This new design is an advantage for hygiene and cleaning as the tiles are smooth rather than open pore.


Sound Insulation & Shock Absorption

At 30mm thick, the tiles provide superior sound insulation and shock absorption, making them an ideal solution for those areas where impact sound reduction and screed or slab protection may be a requirement.


Comfort & Support

The Multi-Flex tiles have an air void pedestal backing which not only absorbs impact from weights, but also provides a comfort-based tile for circuits or floor exercises.


Surface Finishes

The tiles are available in a range of coloured flecks on a black background as standard. Our clients prefer to have a fleck design rather than a plain black tile as it looks more visually pleasing in a home gym or fitness environment.

The DYNAMIK Multi-Flex  is available in a range of 15% Fleck colours as standard.

DYNAMIK Multi-Flex Tile Blue Fleck  


DYNAMIK Multi-Flex Tile Red Fleck



DYNAMIK Multi-Flex Tile Light Grey Fleck DYNAMIK Multi-Flex Tile Dark Grey Fleck

Light Grey

Dark Grey





The tiles are designed and engineered to be easily and quickly installed, providing clients with maximum comfort, durability and functionality.

Multi-Flex Interlocking Tile diagram 1   Multi-Flex Interlocking Tile diagram 2   Multi-Flex Interlocking Tile diagram 3



Plastic Connectors: 53mm x 53mm x 3mm with 4 x pin locators. Connectors locate to the underside of the tile at each corner and the middle of each side.


The DYNAMIK Multi-Flex Tile can be fitted with both straight and corner ramps.

Straight Ramps:

Thickness:  30mm to 8mm rounded edge
Width:         150mm
Length:        500mm

DYNAMIK straight ramp top view DYNAMIK - Multi Flex Straight ramp angled

Corner Ramps:

DYNAMIK Multi-Flex Corner Ramp

Thickness: 30mm to 8mm rounded edge
Width:         150mm
Length:       550mm
(outside face)
Length:       400mm
(inside face)  


Ramps can be installed at doorways and along the perimeter where and if required.

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