Stand 49 Is Set To Shine At The Bursar’s Conference – Showcasing ASB Glass Floor By DYNAMIK

St George’s, Weybridge recently tweeted their excitement at being the first UK school to install the revolutionary glass sports floor realising the potential and innovation of the ASB Glass Floor by DYNAMIK.

Delegates at the ISBA Annual Bursar’s Conference will be able to experience this game-changing glass sprung sports floor. This conversation may be overheard at the #ISBA2019 Bursar’s Conference:

BURSAR:          Is that floor actually made of glass?

DYNAMIK:       Yes, the ASB Glass Floor by DYNAMIK is a Class A4 area elastic sprung sports floor.

BURSAR:          But won’t it break if it’s glass?

DYNAMIK:       It is less likely to be damaged than a traditional wooden floor as it is constructed using glass, ceramic and aluminium. On average it is designed to last over 70 years.

BURSAR:          It looks AMAZING – how does it light up?

DYNAMIK:       The integrated LED lighting is designed to sit in specially engineered channels.

BURSAR:          That is impressive. But I’m guessing it comes at a premium, right?

DYNAMIK:       There’s no doubt it is a customised product, but it’s a total game-changer and if you are looking to leave a legacy in your school, this is it!

DYNAMIK are proud to be ASB Glass Floor UK partners introducing this system to athletes and future world champions.

“The glass sports flooring and its LED marking lines illuminate a whole variety of sports fields at the press of a button individually. No more confusing marking lines.” Christof Babinsky, Managing Director of ASB GlassFloor

University of Oxford, ASB Glass Floor

Recently installed at the University of Oxford Sports Centre and soon to be installed at St. George’s College, Weybridge. More information can be found on our website about the innovative glass sports technology.

DYNAMIK provide free of charge quotations and school surveys which are carried out if a school is looking to upgrade or maintain their sports flooring.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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