West London College’s Brand New DYNAMIK – Tarkett Floor Installation

The Tarkett DYNAMIK sports flooring collaboration sounds great but the end results look even better.

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DYNAMIK Sport last month installed their “Komfort Plus” sprung system finished in a “solid” non-foam backed Tarkett Omnisport vinyl into West London College.

West London College Floor Installation West London College Floor Installation West London College Floor Installation

The DYNAMIK sprung system is fully #esfa compliment and provides high levels of sports performance (A4) as well as offering player comfort for those who interact with the sport flooring, rather than just bouncing a ball on it or running at speed.

The combination of the DYNAMIK Sport sprung base and the Tarkett playing surface creates a certified sports system which is a true multi-use solution for schools that require high levels of sports performance, user comfort, indentation resistance and durability from non-sporting usage.

Contact the DYNAMIK Sport customer support team on 0117 301 5120 for more information on Tarkett DYNAMIK collaborative sprung sports systems ideal for multi-use or multi-sport halls or activity spaces.