Sports Flooring Refurbishment Services

Unfortunately no sports floor is maintenance free. They require frequent care to not only preserve the aesthetics but also the performance characteristics of the floor. Failure to do so can lead to a deterioration of the playing surface making it slippery and unsafe for athletes and may reduce the lifespan of the floor.

Scrub & Reseal

Every 2-3 years wooden floors require a scrub and reseal which involves lightly abrading the surface so that a new layer of lacquer can be applied. This not only cleans your floor but also restores an even level of grip to the surface.

Sand & Reseal

Wooden floors also need to be sanded and resealed every 7-12 years depending on usage so that the old lacquer can removed and a new lacquer applied, protecting the wood from dirt, grease or other substances. Since this process removes the previous line markings, you will also benefit from a new set of court markings.

Line Marking

Line marking is a vital component of your sports floor. With use lines will wear out and require re-marking to ensure they remain within recommended guidelines. If your sports floor needs re-marking, we offer solutions ranging from localised cleaning and painting to the specific area that we will be applying the new lines, to a complete sand and re-seal to restore your entire floor to its new condition with a complete set of new lines.

For more information see our Line Marking page Here.

Floor protection

In order to maintain your sports floors playing characteristics and prolong its life, a surface protection should be considered. We offer two solutions including durable vinyl protection and resilient carpet tiles to protect your sports floor through periods of non-sporting activities.

For more information see our Floor Protection page Here.


Unfortunately there will come a point in time when your sports floor will have reached the end of its useful life and a full replacement will be required. We can provide you with the necessary help and advice in order to obtain a replacement floor that meets the requirements of your facility and the demands of your users. Our Athen and Helsinki low profile systems are particularly suitable since they can be laid over your existing floor surface thus reducing installation time and cost. You will also have a floor that meets the latest guidance and is Sport England compliant.

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