5 Reasons to Maintain Your Indoor Sports Court

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Given the recent UK government restrictions on indoor sport, now is the perfect time to focus your efforts on maintaining your indoor sports flooring! Every sports floor requires regular Maintenance & Aftercare, not only to preserve aesthetics, but also its performance characteristics. Below DYNAMIK outline 5 reasons why maintaining your indoor sports flooring is so important.

1. Prevent Injuries

Player safety is a key factor and high priority for any sport. Maintaining your court surface helps to prevent injury caused by slippery and unsafe playing surfaces.


2. Improve Performance

Very physical and demanding sports are played on indoor courts,  when you are moving and constantly changing direction, playing surfaces are designed to accommodate these movements. Regular care of your sports floor will ensure that your players are performing at their best, on the best.


3. Keep up to date with current sporting standards

When undertaking sports hall maintenance or refurbishment, it is a great opportunity to ensure that your court line-markings are up to date and clear for all to see. It is also a great time to add the wow-factor by adding court logos, branding, or the new DYNAMIK stained court designs.


4. Extend the life of your timber sports floor

Undertaking regular maintenance of your timber surface is a good investment as it can extend its life considerably. A simple sand & re-seal can transform the appearance and performance of a sports floor, restoring it to its former glory.


5. Visual appearance

This is a no brainer, if your court is looking tired, has faded line marking, scuffs and scratches, it can negatively influence how users see and treat your facility. Carrying out regular maintenance and aftercare – whether that’s new line-marking or a simple sand & re-seal – will keep your floor looking fantastic, making a great first impression for everybody for everybody to enjoy.

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