ASB GlassFloor by DYNAMIK achieves Top Marks

DYNAMIK, the UK supply and installation partners for ASB Glassfloor, were fortunate enough to have been able to showcase a truly stunning state-of-the-art sports floors to some well-respected social media influencers recently.

SimplyBritishBallers (@sbb_uk) are two skilled basketball players who review basketball courts across the UK and overseas for their many thousands of followers via TikTok and YouTube.

@sbb_uk were especially excited to review the ASB Glassfloor by DYNAMIK as this sports floor really is a game changer and is said to be the future of Basketball, having just received the top FIBA 1 rating, the sky really is the limit for this state-of-the-art court.

The ASB Glassfloor is a fully sprung “A4” area elastic sports floor with high levels of comfort and grip achieving the highest FIBA 1 rating with the technology to switch between different line markings at the touch of a button, instantly creating a clean and clear public space for exhibitions or a back to a high performance sports floor, when required.

The ASB GlassFloor LED componentry is hidden and protected beneath the highly flexible glass playing surface and unlike other sports flooring surfaces, the ASB GlassFloor is not affected by indentation, rolling loads or surface wear and does not require re-coating or ongoing costly maintenance of the playing surface in order to maintain the grip and look of the surface.  For ease of access the flexible glass panels simply lift out and can be re-installed without the need to re-coat or re-install the LED markings, allowing facilities to maintain underfloor heating or the change the colour of the floor, should they choose to over the 60-70 year life expectancy of the ASB GlassFloor – another world first in sports flooring.

The ASB Glassfloor is free of timber, plywood or any surface coating and is therefore very stable and unaffected by temperature or humidity fluctuations and with a structure of glass and aluminium moisture ingress does not affect the system as with traditional sports flooring alternatives.

Not only is the floor a technological masterpiece and seen as the floor of the future it also works superbly as an actual sports floor becoming the first ever non-timber court to receive FIBA 1 top level certification, which means it is more than just looks alone. The ASB GlassFloor has also been approved for use by many other sports including Netball on a World stage being tested and approved suitable for top International events due to the ideal grip and comfort levels as well as providing all other sports with perfect sporting performance and an enviable durability reputation.

@sbb-uk’s independent review can be found here: SBB (@sbb_uk) TikTok | Watch SBB’s Newest TikTok Videos

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