Gym-Flex Rubber Tiles

gym-flex Rubber Gym Tile

Free Weights Rubber Gym Tiles

The DYNAMIK Gym-Flex tiles are an interlocking premium heavy impact flooring system perfectly suited to high-use fitness spaces and gyms with specialist or personal training areas. This acoustically engineered recycled rubber system with anti-vibration properties is designed to maximise comfort, durability, functionality and visual appearance.

The 32mm thick tiles provide superior anti-vibration and impact shock-absorption making them an ideal solution for personal training areas where acoustic reduction and sub-floor protection is required e.g. first floor gyms or fitness suites. The Gym-Flex tiles combine cushioning shock pads to help prevent muscle and joint injuries. Ideal for use with kettle bells, dumb bells, free weights, fitness machine areas and cardio studio environments.


Gym-Flex tiles are constructed using 121 evenly distributed pedestals per tile, creating pockets of air space for a functional anti-vibration effect.

They are interlocking for quick & easy installation using no adhesive, making them either a temporary or durable permanent solution. The Gym-Flex tiles can be combined with a variety of high performance levelling systems which provide facilities with a level multi-finish solution as well as reducing impact vibration, structure-borne vibration and airborne sound transmission. DYNAMIK offer free acoustic flooring design specifications to enable to best sports and gym solution.

The tiles can also be installed over cables and with ramps to provide access to wheelchair users.


Gym-Flex ramps can be installed wherever the adjacent floor is lower than the mats, providing accessibility onto the surface for all participants, including wheelchairs. Ramps also enable the mats to be installed onto only a section of the floor instead of wall to wall coverage.


  • Superior acoustic & vibration reduction
  • High shock & impact absorption
  • Olympic Lifting area
  • Hides all cables from gym equipment
  • Manufactured with 100% recycled rubber
  • Temporary or permanent flooring solution
  • Can be combined with levelling systems
  • No adhesive required
  • Available in a choice of colours

Easy to clean

High comfort

Colour fleck pattern

Recycled rubber