Sports Flooring Care and Maintenance

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In order to maintain the performance for all DYNAMIK sprung floor systems and to prolong the life of your sports floor you will need to give consideration to the information noted below in addition to adopting a strict cleaning regime. For sports floors other than those supplied and installed by DYNAMIK the below should be taken as general guidance and for specific details please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Hall Temperature

The temperature in the hall should not rise above 26℃ and should not drop below 12℃ at all times. If you have underfloor heating installed and there is a heating breakdown you should bring the room temperature back up to the recommended temperature gradually and by no more than 10℃ over a 24 hour period.

Relative Humidity Levels

The relative humidity (RH) levels should not exceed 65%, and should not drop below 35% at any time. If the RH levels fall outside of this range there may be excessive movement of the floor and resulting damage.

Use of Equipment

You should take care when:

  • Collapsing equipment such as trampolines as when they are folded they may fall over and damage the floor.
  • When moving apparatus with wheels including bleacher seating, the wheels should be free running and preferably rubber.
  • If using a piano in the hall it should be placed on a protective mat and carefully transported.
  • Do not drag heavy objects as these may scratch or indent the floor.
  • For indoor cricket, mats should be used at all times.

High Level Works

If tower scaffolding or scissor lifts are to be used for maintenance you must have a minimum of 12mm plywood under each scaffold wheel and outrigger to distribute the load.
For more detailed information specific to each of our systems then please refer to our Loadings Data Sheets.

Entry Points Into The Hall

It is recommended that access to the Hall from an outside entrance be avoided. This reduces the risk of dirt and debris being carried into the sports hall which may cause the floor to become slippery and lead to premature wearing of the surface finish. We would also recommend the use of barrier matting at all external doors.


Black soled shoes should not be worn to avoid scuff marks on your floors.

Sports Floor Protection

In order to protect your sports floor and help prolong its life a surface protection can be considered when the hall is used for exams or any social event where tables, chairs and equipment may be used in the Hall.
For full details of our DYNAMIK Sports Flooring Protection please contact us for a free quotation.

Slippery Floor

If you do not adopt a proper cleaning regime and use the relevant manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products, the surface could become slippery causing health and safety risks.

Game Lines

The life expectancy of the game lines will depend on use and maintenance of the floor, however, painted lines generally require rejuvenating every 5 – 7 years. Adhesive tape, sometimes used for additional or temporary line marking is not recommended since this can damage the floor surface.

Cleaning Instructions



Daily Cleaning

Collect and remove all surface dust and debris using a V mop.

Weekly Cleaning

The floor should be mechanically cleaned once a week or after every 35 hours of use.

Deep Clean*
3 – 6 Months

You may find that your floor will benefit from a deep clean every 3 – 6 months.

Scrub & Reseal*
2 – 3 Years

In order to maintain the finish of your floor for the long term, it is recommended that the floor is scrubbed and resealed every 2 – 3 years. We would recommend that these works are carried out by DYNAMIK Sports Floors.

Sand & Reseal*
7 – 12 Years

The floor may need to be sanded and resealed for the first time after 10-12 years in a sport-only facility or after 7-10 years in a multi-use facility. We would recommend that these works are carried out by DYNAMIK Sports Floors.

*The frequency of when such works need to be carried out depends on the hours the facility is used, the quality of the day to day maintenance regime and whether or not the floor is protected during non-sporting events.

General Advice

  • For the weekly clean we recommend using Bona Sportive Cleaner and for the deep clean we recommend Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus.
  • Remove spills of tea, coffee, squash etc. with a cloth dampened in warm water. Heavier contamination such as body fats, dirt and grease should be removed using a ‘low foam’ mild detergent, and then wiped with a clean damp cloth.
  • The above should be taken as a general guide since each individual facility will vary, for example if there is an excessive amount of airborne dust a more frequent cleaning regime will be required.
  • Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact DYNAMIK.
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