Sports Flooring

DYNAMIK offer a range of area elastic sports flooring systems which are Sport England compliant and meet the European Standard.

We also offer point elastic floors and specialist flooring solutions including a highly innovative, game-changing glass sports floor with integral LED line markings and high performance strength and conditioning surfaces.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Sports Floor

  • Sport specific floor or multi-sport?
  • Community use – non-sport?
  • Portable or retractable seating?
  • Sports performance requirements?
  • Equality Act compliance – wheelchair use?
  • Maintenance budget?
  • Indentation and surface protection?
  • Preference for timber or synthetic?

You will probably require our knowledge and experience to assist you in weighing up all the considerations particularly whether to choose a timber or synthetic surface.

Synthetic Flooring

Flexi-Beam Plus Sports Floor System

An area elastic system which can be packed and levelled under the elastic beams. Accommodates a range of sport synthetic finishes including sport vinyl, sport linoleum, sport polyurethane (PU) and sport rubber.

Komfort Plus Sports Floor System

Ultra low profile area elastic sports floor system designed to be laid on a level slab to accommodate a variety of sport synthetic finishes including vinyl, linoleum and rubber.

Timber Flooring

Flexi-Beam Elite Sports Floor System

Flexi-Beam Elite is a cradle and beam area elastic sports floor system which can be packed and levelled to take out variations in the sub floor. The 22mm engineered board is finished with a solid hardwood wear layer available in different wood species.

Komfort Elite Pro Sports Floor

Komfort Elite Pro is a low profile area elastic system which is designed to be laid on a level slab (+/- 3mm over 3m) and finished in a hardwood engineered board. The system is constructed to withstand high loadings and thus suitable for large arenas.

DYNAMIK Portable Sports Floor

The DYNAMIK Portable Sports Floor system is a high performing area elastic portable floor. It also has FIBA Level 1 approval.

Alternative point elastic sports floors

In addition to the synthetic sprung sports floor systems described above we offer point elastic floors however, these would not be our first recommendation and we discuss the benefits of a DYNAMIK Komfort Plus or Flexi-Beam Plus sprung area elastic sports floor system compared to a point elastic foam backed surface on our information page HERE.

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