ASB GlassFloor Installation at Chelsea Barracks

A Hat Trick for DYNAMIK!

We are proud to announce our third ASB GlassFloor Installation, and the 4th in the UK, with our latest upcoming project at Chelsea Barracks.

The ASB GlassFloor by DYNAMIK will be installed within the Sports Centre at the prestigious Chelsea Barracks residential development which is under construction. Originally a British Army Barracks, the new London development will maintain some of the history of the original Barracks including the Garrison Chapel.

Chelsea Barracks - DYNAMIK ASB GlassFloor

This state-of-the-art Sports Hall will have a focus on tennis and as such, the green grass colour of the court and surrounds will provide users with a real tennis court experience. The multi-use sports hall incorporates game-changing LED line-marking technology by enabling a single court to be illuminated by the touch of a button. Being able to offer single games lines is often only seen on prestigious sports specific courts. Therefore, be it tennis, badminton, basketball or 5-a-side football, this really is a high-performance sports court for all.

The GlassFloor also really does have green credentials – it has a life expectancy in excess of 60 years given that it is constructed using glass, ceramic and aluminium, all materials that are known for their toughness, resistance to climate, corrosion and ageing.

Take a look at what the most advanced Sports Flooring System in the World Can Do…

ASB Glass Floor by DYNAMIK

Lowest Maintenance Costs of Any Sports Floor

Over a 60 year period a typical 600m2 timber sports floor can cost in excess of £340,000. This includes a replacement floor together with periodic, sanding, sealing and line marking but excludes the day to day maintenance regime. The ASB Glassfloor only requires a day to day maintenance regime and no refinishing throughout its life.


The Glass Floor is constructed using two layers of laminated safety glass. Each glass layer is 5mm thick and both layers are connected with a PVB foil, 1.2mm thick. The surface is then etched to prevent the reflection of light and burnt-in ceramic dots are applied to provide the required slip resistance.


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